Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!!

We had to start the day off right with some breakfast donuts in the sunroom.Then there was the big barbecue bash. Avery was glad to be able to have all the food within her reach.
Millie with her big brown eyes, sporting her star shirt that she made.
All the kids enjoyed wearing their fun star shirts, and they looked very festive.
Avery was getting ready to try her hand at hitting the pinata.
And then she was up to bat.
They all took turns swinging...
...and soon they were scrambling for the candy.
Avery with her stash.
Good times with whipped frosting, strawberries, and jell-0.
Watching some fireworks on the sidewalk.
The big squeeze.
Looking Good!
Little ham!
And the latest adventure before was the big camping trip up to Priest Lake.
What fun the campfire was with smores.
Smores, smores, and more smores.
It was some beautiful country up in Northern Idaho, only about 30 minutes from the Canadian border.
Fun swimming with father in the lake.
And of course, they couldn't get enough sand.
And water...
and the beauty all around us...
...lots of great memories...
...and sandy meals....
the lake was crystal clear with a sandy beach.
we couldn't have asked for a better camp spot
..and the sunsets were so fun...
...and smiles...
...and campfires...
what a view...
taking a dip in the evening
lip smacking good time
gathering wood for the fire

And the vote was unanimous... that Landis' love camping and can't wait to go again.
Here's one of her best parts.

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