Friday, September 7, 2007

"Thank you Grammy and Grampy for my new all terain wagon. What an exciting day that was!!!

First, Simeon got to go pick up his new wagon in the box and then bring it home and assemble it with Father. This was half the fun. He kept running into the house to me and saying, "Mama, are you so excited?" and then he'd run out again to supervise the project.

He pulled each piece out and proclaimed excitedly what it was for.
Then he got to go for a wild ride. The wagon is very roomy and can hold a lot.
Father raced him around the yard to put it through it's paces.
Yep, they all fit!
And so do Colsen and Camille, it is a HUGE wagon.
Thanks so much Grammy and Grampy, we're having hours of riding fun and i'm sure there will be endless rides to come.
Simeon says, "now kick back and relax after a full days work and a super big, big thanx Grammy and Grampy."

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