Friday, September 7, 2007

Quote's of the week

Our wonderful, curious little boy who loves life and enjoys it to the fullest!

I just have to start writing these down and sharing them with you because Simeon says the greatest things.
We had just gotten home from doing some errands and pulled into our driveway. And if you can't already tell by our pictures, Simeon is nonstop, go go go, energy all day long. I put the car in park and turned off the engine, and I hear Simeon's little voice behind me say,
"so mama, I'm a doner." He had finally run out of energy and was tuckered out. A great end to the day.
Another time, we were just finishing up dinner one evening, of nothing particularly fancy. Now, Simeon likes a lot of different foods, and this one didn't stand out to me as being a favorite. Although he seemed to be enjoying his rice and bean and cheese burrito and especially the chips and sour cream. But I knew he must have really liked it when he turned to me and said, "Thanks mama, it tastes like pie." There's a new one for all you pie lovers out there.

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