Thursday, June 18, 2009

The River, Sunshine, and Good Friends!

What more could two boys want? Here's Henry and Simeon having a great time at the beach.
Mille is a girl on a mission to build and take dominion over her little sand pile
This one is for you Colson. Mille is striking the pose right here and saying, "Iii'm carryin' myyy bike!" The saying finally went with the action.
Training wheels be gone! Jesse is really practicing his paces trying to keep up with this boy. Simeon did pretty good for his first try without the crutches, but it'll take a few more confidence sessions.
Mille was trying to keep up as well

Getting ready for the Adventure!
Simeon and Avery
They look so much alike, and Simeon has a special place in his heart for this little dumpling.
Beware, Avery has turned into quite the paper munching Bombat. If there's a scrap of paper around, she will find it and quite quickly make it disappear. I have to warn the mailman.
Here was quite the quaint little afternoon tea party. Thank-You Great Grandma Brown for this wonderful tea set. The children have enjoyed it so much. Simeon asks me quite regularly if we can have tea.


Sarah said...

Great photos Anna! Those of Simeon and Avery are precious.

The James Family said...

I finally found your blog! Yeah!

grace said...

Hey Anna! so glad to have found your blog!