Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Simeon Book of "Quotes" and Anecdotes.

This morning started off in a luxurious way. Jesse and I woke to the peaceful sound of our breathing at the late hour of 6:30am and were so overjoyed that we were able to wake up when our bodies decided we'd had enough sleep instead of to the noise of the children. Am I making the point clear enough that this is a rare commodity in our home. After we lay there enjoying the blissful silence for a moment, we heard the pitter patter of Simeon's feet coming to our room and his little voice say "Good morning." He climbed up on our bed and snuggled between us. This was also a rare treat for Simeon to have father home in the morning and he was enjoying it. He asks me every morning where father is, even though he knows he is at work. So I have been telling him why father works and quoting to him 2Thess. 3:10. (In our home we call men trees and women flours) I wasn't sure if Simeon was pondering the fact that father was not at work that morning, but he said, "I have a big tree that goes to work every morning. If a man does not work he shall not eat." It was really quite a beautiful and thoughtful quote by our little man because he was quoting back to us God's word, and we realized he was understanding a bigger purpose in this life.
Then I asked him to go get me a cup of water. To my humorous delight, he came proudly back to the bedroom and handed me a jar, labeled peppercinis, full to the brim with water. I tried not to spill it as i was laughing so hard. And just told Simeon Thank-you, but I secretly didn't drink it.
Then at the breakfast table we were working with Camille on saying words. She has started to imitate our sounds. So we were working on a simple one and saying, Millie can you say hi?
Simeon wanted a turn at getting his sister to speak and he blurted out, "Millie, can you say porcupine?" Talk about starting slow, Simeon just wanted to go for the gusto and hear her speaking sentences. We busted up laughing.
These were just a few of our fun and exciting humors of the day.

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